July 29, 2010


When contemplating financial success, my mind tends to focus on the knowledge and skills needed -- the "what should I be doing" in order to achieve financial success concepts.  This past week I read an interesting blog post from MoneyPlan SOS that focused instead on the common mistakes people make -- the "what should I not be doing" if I want to get ahead.

Many of the issues he raises are very commonplace, "average" ways of thinking about money.  Perhaps there is a good reason the "average" person isn't in a very enviable financial situation ... ??  Some food for thought at least.

Things people say that keep them broke ...

 1.  I'm too __________ (old, young, ... broke) to save money.
 2.  I deserve __________.
 3.  I did it to improve my credit score.
 4.  My student loan/mortgage is "Good debt."
 5.  He told me I would __________.
 6.  The "Little Man" can't get ahead.
 7.  I can write off the interest on my taxes.
 8.  How much a month?
 9.  I have retirement covered, Social Security __________.
10. When I __________, then I'll be able to __________.