July 13, 2009


The Consumer Action Handbook, first published in 1979, is a helpful and popular consumer resource. The free guide is designed to help people find the best and most direct sources for assistance with their consumer problems and questions. Tips are offered on such topics as banking, making large purchases, protecting against fraud, insurance, and resolving marketplace problems. Thousands of contacts for Better Business Bureaus; federal, state, county, and city government consumer protection offices are also provided. Some of the resources provided are also geared toward specific audiences such as teachers and the military ...

Consumer Topics. This list of consumer topics allows you to access tips for purchasing specific goods and services, like cars, home improvement, insurance, and more. It also includes handy information about spam, identity theft, credit, travel, utilities and more.

How to File a Complaint. This is a great place to start if you have a problem with a recent purchase. This section includes helpful information about legal issues and dispute resolution.

Where to File a Complaint. This section lists addresses, phone numbers and websites that can be helpful when filing a consumer complaint.

Specific Audiences. Look here to find the most useful consumer resources for specific audiences, such as military personnel, teachers, and persons with disabilities.

Order Publications. Use this tab to order the Consumer Action Handbook and many other free and low-cost publications from the federal government.

Want More Help. If you still haven't found what you need, try these links for more great resources from the federal government and others.

Consumer News. This side box includes links to timely consumer news pieces, such as recall announcements, scam and fraud alerts and more. Each consumer topic area has its own Consumer News box. Updated often.

Feature Links. This side box contains helpful links for each of the consumer topic areas.

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