May 10, 2007


Many of you have e-mailed your concerns regarding the recent hack into an MU database where the personal information of 22,000 people was recently compromised. I don’t want to focus a lot of time/attention on this since I dealt with the issue about 6 weeks ago in a tip, but I wanted to remind you of what you should be doing if you find yourself in the middle of this …

- Review the information from the financial tip dated 3/22
- Think twice before buying the theft protection services that are sold.
- Review your credit reports. Even if you’ve already received your free report(s) for this year, as a potential fraud victim, you are entitled to free credit reports [for fraud]. Contact the three credit reporting agencies (,, to order the free reports.
- Place fraud alerts on your reports ( click on ‘fraud alert.’
- If you live outside of Missouri, you may be eligible for a credit freeze [Missouri has considered a bill but has not acted upon one yet]; read the tip mentioned above and you can find out if your state has a law in place.
- I would review my credit report monthly for the next 3-6 months. In most instances, activity that occurs will not show up immediately.
- Go to
. You can enter your SSN and it searches a database of nearly 2.5 million compromised numbers. It will tell you if yours has been compromised or not. Secure site.

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